Vipin Sharma

Vipin Sharma

Vice President

Company: MSCI

Track: А

Time: 15:00 - 15:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: India

Language: English

Talk: Diagnosing a JVM Crash!

About the Speaker

Vipin helps professional Java developers to learn language features so they can work on the best Java projects. Vipin is a senior Java developer and OpenJDK contributor.
Vipin is a senior developer at MSCI, and for more than 13 years he has worked on large Java projects in the Financial Sector.

On his blog, Vipin shares his insights on Java Language Features and the evolution of the JVM.

Talk: Diagnosing a JVM Crash!

We've all been there. Your JVM application crashed in production and you have no idea what the root cause is.
There's no time to file a bug report and wait for a vendor fix. Your boss and customer are on call waiting for the application. You need to investigate now.
JDK provides the necessary tools to investigate JVM crashes, knowing these tools can put you out of such situations quickly.